Articles Relating to "China"

The impact of a positive wealth shock on consumption: evidence from a housing reform in China

Author/s: Xinghua Liu, Satish Chand

Date Published: 03/05/2020

Published In: Volume 26 - 2020 / Issue 2

Legislative policy environment as facilitator of foreign residential investment in Australia

Author/s: Sacha Reid, Eddo Coiacetto

Date Published: 2/09/2017

Published In: Volume 23 - 2017 / Issue 3

Equilibrium Option Pricing Model Under A Specific System: A View on China’s Housing Boom

Author/s: Guo Xiaoyang, Liu Hongyu

Date Published: 1/01/2012

Published In: Volume 18 - 2012 / Issue 3

Exploring the Increasing Role of the Real Estate Sector in the Chinese Economy: 1997–2002

Author/s: Yong Li, Yu Song, Chunlu Liu

Date Published: 1/01/2008

Published In: Volume 14 - 2008 / Issue 3