Preparing Your Paper

Structure of your anonymous paper

Your anonymous paper should be compiled in the following order as appropriate: Paper title; abstract; keywords; main text – introduction, literature review, research methodology, results and discussion, conclusion; funding details and acknowledgments; disclosure statement; references; appendices (as appropriate). Please do not include the names of author(s) and their affiliations in the anonymous paper.   

Word Limits

Please include a word count for your paper.
A typical paper for this journal should be no more than 6000 words.

Manuscript Layout Guidelines


Use Times New Roman font in size 12 with double-line spacing.


Margins should be at least 2.5cm (1 inch).


Use bold for your article title. The title should be precise and clear. 


Should contain an abstract of maximum 200 words.  
This is your opportunity to ‘pitch’ your article to the journal editors, and later, its readers. Your abstract should focus on what your research is about, what methods have been used, and what you found out.


Keywords help readers find your article, so are vital for discoverability. Include between 3 and 6 keywords.

Funding details and acknowledgments

Please supply all details required by your funding and grant-awarding bodies as follows:

For single agency grants

This work was supported by the [Funding Agency] under Grant [number xxxx].

For multiple agency grants

This work was supported by the [Funding Agency #1] under Grant [number xxxx]; [Funding Agency #2] under Grant [number xxxx]; and [Funding Agency #3] under Grant [number xxxx].

Include any other acknowledgements as appropriate. 

Heading Style in the Main Text

This will show you the different levels of the heading section in your article:

  1. First-level headings (e.g. Introduction, Conclusion) should be in bold, with an initial capital letter for any proper nouns.
  2. Second-level headings should be in bold italics, with an initial capital letter for any proper nouns.
  3. Third-level headings should be in italics, with an initial capital letter for any proper nouns.
  4. Fourth-level headings should be in bold italics, at the beginning of a paragraph. The text follows immediately after a full stop (full point) or other punctuation mark.
  5. Fifth-level headings should be in italics, at the beginning of a paragraph. The text follows immediately after a full stop (full point) or other punctuation mark.

Tables, Figures and Equations

Name all Tables and Figures in the paper. State the information sources of the Tables and Figures.

Figures should be high quality.

Tables should present new information rather than duplicating what is in the text. Readers should be able to interpret the table without reference to the text. 

Please ensure that equations are clearly presented and editable.

Disclosure statement

This is to acknowledge any financial or non-financial interest that has arisen from the direct applications of your research. If there are no relevant competing interests to declare please state this within the article, for example: The authors report there are no competing interests to declare. 

Spelling and punctuation

Any spelling style is acceptable so long as it is consistent within the manuscript.

Please use double quotation marks, except where “a quotation is ‘within’ a quotation”.

Please note that long quotations should be indented without quotation marks.

Formatting and Templates

Papers should be submitted in Word format. Include Tables, Figures and Equations within the main text where appropriate.  


Please use Harvard style referencing.

Using Third-Party Material

You must obtain the necessary permission to reuse third-party material in your article. The use of short extracts of text and some other types of material is usually permitted, on a limited basis, for the purposes of criticism and review without securing formal permission. If you wish to include any material in your paper for which you do not hold copyright, and which is not covered by this informal agreement, you will need to obtain written permission from the copyright owner prior to submission. 

Submitting Your Paper

You are required to submit two files in Word format. 

  1. Cover page (should be submitted separately) – All authors of the manuscript should include their full name and affiliation on the cover page of the manuscript. Where available, please also include ORCiDs. One author will need to be identified as the corresponding author. Authors’ affiliations are the affiliations where the research was conducted. If any of the named co-authors moves affiliation during the peer-review process, the new affiliation can be given as a footnote. Please note that no changes to affiliation can be made after your paper is accepted. 
  2. Anonymous manuscript in accordance with manuscript layout guidelines.  

By submitting your paper to Pacific Rim Property Research Journal you are agreeing to originality checks during the peer-review and production processes.

On acceptance, we recommend that you keep a copy of your Accepted Manuscript. 

Publication Charges

There are no submission fees, publication fees or page charges for this journal.