LPT Fund Manager Decision-Making in the Emerging Property Sectors

Author/s: Graeme Newell, Hsu Wen Peng

Date Published: 1/01/2008

Published in: Volume 14 - 2008 Issue 2 (pages 222 - 232)


In recent years, the emerging property sectors, including retirement, healthcare, leisure and childcare, have taken on increased importance for institutional investors. This paper assesses the increasing significance of emerging property sector funds in Australia and the investment decision-making by emerging property sector LPT fund managers. Motivating factors and risk factors are identified; as well as the processes involved in selecting a suitable business partner, given the operating business element involved with these emerging sector property assets. The ongoing future development of the emerging property sectors is also identified and discussed.

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Business Model - Emerging Property Sectors - Investment Decision-Making - Investment Strategies - Lpts - Motivating Factors - Risk Factors


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