PRRES Achievement Award

William Cleghorn - 1996

The Pacific Rim Real Estate Society (PRRES) is proud to acknowledge William Cleghorn as the inaugural 1996 recipient of the PRRES Achievement Award.  The Award was presented to Bill by Profesor Bob Hargreaves of Massey University. This is the highest honour that PRRES can bestow on one of its members and is in recognition of the outstanding contribution by Bill Cleghorn to property education in the Pacific-Rim, particularly in New Zealand.

Bill Cleghorn through his role in the New Zealand Institute of Valuers has been a driving force in the development and support of property education in New Zealand for many years. Bill was the initiator in 1989 of the first conference between property educators, professionals and employers in New Zealand. This lead to the inaugural Australasian Real Estate Educators Conference held at Lincoln University, Christchurch in December 1990. This was the first time property educators and practitioners in the Australasian region had held a conference, with over 80 attending. This first stage laid the groundwork for the subsequent establishment of PRRES in 1995, with Bill being one of the foundation directors of PRRES.

Bill Cleghorn has been actively involved in property education in New Zealand having been chairperson of the NZIV Education Board for seven years. He has strongly supported the development of property education and all of the New Zealand universities offering property programs. He contributed to the development of high standard property texts in New Zealand to assist practitioners, as well as facilitating the introduction of the CPD program for the New Zealand property industry.

PRRES is pleased to award the inaugural PRRES Achievement Award to William Cleghorn in recognition of his many outstanding achievements in supporting property education.

Graeme Newell
President, PRRES

January 1996